Everything Has a Story Table & Market in McAdenville


As Seen In: Destination Magazine Feb 2018

When we sat down at McAdenville Table & Market with co-owner John Bailey, I started out asking about the deli, the market, the triple counter with fresh meat, seafood and cheeses. The ready to eat meals, sides and nibbes in the refrigerator and the materials used to build this rich, reclaimed restaurant.

John sat back and smiled and said “everything has a story." I knew then this was my kind of place.

The building was one of the duplexes built for mill workers in 1881. McAdenville was wilderness along the Catawba River so Mr. McAden needed to draw top talent to run the mill. The homes for the employees were built of brick, the mill itself resembled a castle and generators that are still in use today were installed to power this modern mill community.

McAdenville Table & Market was bought back to life with materials from the original mill. The brick above the large steel beams are original to the structure. The lower brick was carefully carried in from one of the old buildings pictured in the bar. Patrons in the market area can purchase items from the original shelves of the town library, which was the first public library in the Piedmont of North Carolina. Reserved for the wine rack and bar tops, the wood was taken from the roof system of Mill #1, while the stamped, tin shingles located above the bar and butcher counter are also originals.

Now we jump from the restoration story to the culinary story of McAdenville Table & Market. The market is the only grocery store in McAdenville and has several distinct offerings.

The market has prepared meals to toss in your oven, a selection of cheeses, beer and wine along with other hors d'oeuvres to snack while you're dinner is warming up.

The deli-butcher counter provides a quick lunch for busy people to run in and grab something to go. The surf & turf counter to take a fresh protein, or pick something out and have it prepared to order in the kitchen as your entrée.

If you order off the menu you will be amazed at the innovative plates available. You see healthy, not so healthy and OMG I have to try kinds of selections. Chef Dave Olivarez has come up with a menu that is innovative and has something for every palette and every price point.

A few items that caught our eyes were the BBLT (basil bacon lettuce and tomato) a Low Country boil, seared salmon a Ahi tuna ginger salad. My choice was the OMG burger, think Ruben meets bacon cheeseburger.

Innovation does not stop at the kitchen, the bar serves truly handcrafted cocktails, and thoughtfully selected beers and wines that may not be available anywhere else in the region. Everything has a story.

McAdenville Table and Market
129 1/2 Main St.
McCadenville, NC 28101